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Founded in 2013 by the serial entrepreneur and L’Oreal veterans Stanislas Vandier and Jean-Roch Meunier, Wired Beauty develops and industrializes connected beauty solutions based on a new generation of bio-sensors measuring physiological and environmental parameters, the integration of these sensors into easy-to-use devices, and a digital management of the collected data to provide innovative and tailored solutions to the consumers.

Wired Beauty is headquartered in Paris, France and partners with leading health and technology labs in Europe and Asia. Experts in dermatology and cosmetic from the Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil are actively collaborating with Wired Beauty to create the first consumer centric cosmetic R&D platform: La Clinique Digitale®


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Stanislas Vandier

Founder and Chairmen

After graduating an MBA from Essec Business School in Paris, Stanislas joins L’OREAL. Over a period of 12 years, he contributes through various international positions in the fields of commerce, marketing and business management to developing brands, businesses and people.

In 2005, he sets up his first start-up dedicated to innovative beauty product development (skincare, hair-care, fragrance), which he sells in 2011. After this first successful entrepreneurial adventure, Stanislas decides to focus on different fields driving innovation, such as smart textile and data. His confrontation with alternative technologies and the upcoming digital revolution helped him in elaborating the vision of Wired Beauty® and the future of the cosmetic market. 

Stanislas partners in 2013 with Jean-Roch Meunier, R&D expert in the fields of beauty, health and biotech. Together they launch WB Technologies to accelerate this vision of connected beauty based on reliable data, user-friendly devices and community-based data management. Stanislas finds his motivation in transversal user-friendly collaborative innovation, delivering value for the beauty of men and women, around the world thanks to an open-innovation approach with various players alongside the beauty value chain.


Jean-Roch Meunier, PhD

Co-founder and CEO Chief Business Strategy & Development Officer

Of combined education in Biological Sciences and business (AgroParisTech and HEC Paris),  Jean-Roch Meunier, the co-founder of WB Technologies is At 47 year old, Jean-Roch Meunier earned an extensive experience in the R&D processes, and Innovation management fields.

After a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from the Pasteur Institute and a Post doc in Cancer Research at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Jean-Roch Meunier worked for 17 years within the L’Oreal R&D department, managing a multidisciplinary department devoted to the development of Predictive Models and Methods in Efficacy and Safety.  During these exciting years he gained a deep understanding of the cosmetic markets’ innovation drivers and processes and the practical experience that good science and commitment can overcome any challenge.

Jean-Roch has also acted as CEO of MEDICEN PARIS REGION, the Paris-Region Health, Biotech and e-Health cluster where he developed the collaborations between academics, hospitals and private companies to improve the time to market of health innovation products.

Fierce advocate of opening the labs to the real life battle field to deeply understand the consumer needs and skin dynamic for better products and solutions development, Jean-Roch aims at bringing the best of skin and hair scientific monitoring tools into wearable devices without giving up on the relevance of the measures.

Hugues bernet rollande  headshot

Hugues Bernet Rollande

Chief Information Officer at Wired Beauty

Hugues has 15 years experience in computer engineering, four of them spent in the Silicon Valley. He is the author of a technical book about project management and developed of some serious games in various medical field. Hugues is also an enthusiast mobile developer, with severals Apps in the App Store.

Celia corsin headshot

Célia Corsin

R&D Manager

After graduating from Chimie ParisTech (French engineering school of chemistry), Celia Corsin did two missions for L'Oréal - first in Research & Innovation and then into the Operations, for industrial product development. She developed her business skills in the creativity and innovation fields with a Master of Management for creative industries at the IFM (Institut Français de la Mode / French Institute of Fashion). 

Convinced that digital is the turning point of tomorrow’s economy and passionate about new technologies, she studied the link between design and new technologies and wrote a paper about the future of smart textiles.

She started working at WB Technologies, as Chief of Design and prototyping Officer. Aware of technical, marketing and design issues, she likes to put creativity into her projects, in order to develop relevant and smart products - from the idea to the industrial part.

Elodie burty valin  phd

Elodie Burty-Valin, PhD

Research and Development Manager

Elodie is a chemist engineer (ENSC Montpellier) and holds a PhD in cellular and molecular biology (UPMC). During her PhD, fully funded by the dermatology company Galderma, she worked on skin cancer. She also did her post-doc at L’Oréal.

At the interface between chemistry and biology, she is a specialist in skin science, photoprotection, pigmentation and DNA repair. She has a strong expertise in R&D project management and has filed several international patents.

Since February 2014, Elodie is in charge of R&D partnerships and management of the clients’ portfolio.